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"We were so sad that we couldn't have our wedding as planned on May 15th. Luckily, we told Scott that we still wanted to get married that day and he came to rescue! He sent us the ceremony script and even added a wonderful heartfelt song that he personally wrote and sang it to us all with his guitar. We were so touched and cried even before we said our vows. Despite COVID-19 and us being away from our family and friends, we were able to have our "mini-mony" via Zoom with our family and it was so sweet thanks to Scott! We can not wait to celebrate with everyone at our actual wedding where Scott will marry us one more time! If you are in a similar predicament as us this year or are just researching officiants for your wedding in Austin, we highly recommend Scott. You will not be disappointed. Thanks again, Scott!"

"Scott was absolutely incredible from our first contact to the day off the wedding. We are truly blessed to have stumbled upon him and have him be a part of the day we will remember for the rest of our lives. He responded quickly to our first email and from there out he truly took the time to get to know us and help us put together a ceremony that was just for us and reflected our relationship perfectly. He listened to what we wanted, offered suggestions, and was thorough with the planning process. During the ceremony he made us laugh, played beautifully on guitar as I walked down my trail isle at Enchanted Rock State Park, and truly made our ceremony special. We can't thank him enough."

One pre-review before the wedding:

We are both very excited and looking forward to this ceremony - as you have allowed us to put our fingerprints on the process which means so much to us. Until Then, Jason & Karen

Hey Scott! We wanted to write to you, and tell you how amazing you were at our ceremony on Friday. You were truly brilliant in everything you did(including the dancing), and you helped make our day perfect. I cannot say thank you enough! We will definitely be writing you a review, and Im sure you can tell by this email, that it will be a great one! I hope all is well, and we both hope to see you again sometime in the future! Ashley and Olly.

We got so lucky to stumble upon Scott's website while we were planning our wedding. We didn't have much time to plan, so we were so happy that he agreed to do it on such short notice! From the moment we met him he made us feel comfortable and at ease--wedding planning is stressful! He was interested to hear how we met, how we fell in love, which all goes to show that he is so involved in the ceremony, more than any officiant I had ever seen before. He gave us a really lovely gift, a really great book and a printed out ceremony for us to frame! He also kept in contact to the time leading up to the wedding, asking us how we were doing and if he could help with ANYTHING. And I know if I would have asked him to help with anything he would have! It goes without saying that he officiated our wedding SPECTACULARLY. He delivered our ceremony with such passion and also helped us feel comfortable when we were so nervous. All the guests LOVED him and were really enraptured (not bored like I've seen at some weddings). So we only paid him to be our officiant, but he stayed after to help with photos and to help move things along during the cocktail hour! The best part is next, during the reception he stuck around to talk with all the guests( a lot of the guests didn't know each other as they were from out of town). However, by the end of the reception you would think that they had known one another for years! This was solely down to Scott. He greeted everyone with his wonderful enthusiasm; he spoke to every single guest there and made everyone feel as comfortable as they would be in their own home! It didn't stop there, as the music continued... well so did Scott to the dance floor. This is where he really showed he was the life of the party! His Incredible dance skills along with his knack of generating a crowd round him wherever he goes ensured that many guests were on their feet, and having a really fun time.

All in all, there's so much I could say about Scott, but just would not have the time! All we will say though is, BOOK HIM! A truly amazing person, with a heart full of joy, who just makes you feel so good every time you meet him. He was a major part of our day, and we could not imagine having anyone else as our officiant that day.

God bless you Scott and thank you so much for everything you did for us, not only on that day, but in the months leading up to wedding. Will never be forgotten! Ashley & Olly.

It's all about making your day just right! and Scott Payne is the best officiant I have ever met to do just that! He is more than a minister for your wedding; he is a coordinator, an entertainer, a photographer's right hand man, and a bride and groom's best friend! He is well worth every penny you pay for his services!!!! Scott makes the event fun, memorable and function smoothly! He takes the stress out of the day. Scott knows the good posses that a bride and groom want and will assist the photographer in getting them just right.

I think to express it best is at our son's wedding after lighting the unity candle the bride wanted a song played. The DJ played a few bars then faded out. The bride whispered I wanted the whole song played. Instead of going on with the ceremony, Scott announced, "everyone, this is the Bride and Groom's day and they want to hear the whole song, so Mr. DJ if you'd be so kind and play their song for us". WONDERFUL! It IS THEIR day and it should be as they wanted. I was thrilled! After the ceremony Scott assisted the Bride and Groom with certain posses for the photographer and mingled with the guests as the rest of pictures were taken.

I can't say enough about Scott. If you really want someone that will help make your day JUST RIGHT, then Scott is your man!


Deborah Morris, (Steven’s Mother)

Hey Scott! Thank you very much again for all you did to make our wedding extra special! I have heard nothing but great compliments from our families and friends about what an awesome job you did! Once again, thank you so much! MaKailey & Steven

Much more than expected! We weren’t sure what to expect with an Officiant. Scott put us at ease from the start. Before we could even think about what we wanted for our ceremony, Scott send us ample information, choices and even guidance of what we could do. My husband and I are very relaxed, like to have fun and really wanted to enjoy the ceremony (life for us is too short for us to be so formal). We wanted to ensure Scott could help us create that kind of feel for the ceremony. After our initial conversation, we were quickly put at ease. He was funny, easy to talk to and seemed to genuinely want to give us what we were looking for. After deciding what we wanted, Scott became the least of our worries on our wedding day (he does a great job of relaxing you). The ceremony turned out much better than expected, much funnier than expected (no fears for those that want something a bit more formal—this is what my husband and I wanted – I have no doubt Scott can create any type of feel you’d like). Even looking back at the video, what Scott did for us during our ceremony is the only thing about the wedding I wouldn’t have changed!

Scott, I cannot tell you how much we loved the way you did our wedding ceremony. We received so many compliments about how great you were and how much everyone loved you! I attached some photos of the ceremony. Thank you for everything!!! You are highly recommended in our books! Kenna & L.

A definite answer to prayer!

About 3 months before my daughter's wedding, she told me she had not booked anyone to perform the ceremony and she didn't want anything to formal or religious. She found Scott's website and instantly knew he was exactly what she was looking for. I was a little concerned about 'finding someone on the internet to perform your ceremony.) It seemed impersonal but I didn't say anything. I met Scott the week before the ceremony and knew he was exactly what she wanted/I needed. He was so engaging and we immediately felt a connection. He was able to provide what they wanted in their ceremony but he also did it from a place that I needed. He was great - the rehearsal was awesome, he even attended the rehearsal dinner (shrimp boil) with his wife and was exactly what we all needed the day of the wedding. He is so endearing and knows exactly what to say to everyone (individually and as a group). As with the other reviews, he stayed for our reception also and was the hit of the party. I cannot say enough about Scott except we were blessed to have found him for the ceremony but also now have a life long friend!

Scott, We will never be able to express how much it meant to us to have you perform the ceremony on our special day. We truly appreciate all of the time and effort you gave in helping us to create a ceremony that was “ours”.

We will cherish this memory for the rest of our lives. We are truly blessed to have such special people helping make our day perfect! Thank You & God Bless! Keith & Shelly H.

He made it great! Wedding Location: Vintage Villa

Scott Payne made our ceremony everything that we hoped it would be. It was such a beautiful and touching ceremony. He is such a wonderful man with a kind heart. I recommend him to anyone and everyone who is going to tie the knot! Preston & Jenny T.

Wow! What a terrific day! Scott did a fantastic job for us on our special day! We wanted a very casual wedding--we even went through the ceremony bare-footed! It was an amazing experience on the lake bank. Scott went over everything with us in advance. There were no surprises--except when he broke out with "magic" tricks and entertained all of the children (and many of the adults!) at the reception! He made everyone feel comfortable and welcome with his warm smile, kind words, and wonderful personality. I can think of no other person I would rather have had officiate our wedding than Scott. I would (and do) recommend him to anyone who is ready to make that commitment of marriage! We love you Scott! Jody and Leanne L

An Amazing Wedding Day We had set the wedding date of September 6, 2008 but didn’t have any details worked out until I made a trip to the Payne’s house in July 2008 with my sister in law. I went home and told my now husband I know where I want to get married. I want to get married at the Payne’s on their perfect “wedding stage” overlooking the lakes at sunset. Scott did more than just marry us – he kept us laughing, he kept our guest entertained and he was genuine and sincere when doing our vows. He opened his home to us and to our guest. He allowed us to move in chairs and tables and rearrange things to fit our needs. He provided his DJ equipment and his talents to provide music at the reception. He offered many suggestions for awesome picture poses. We really enjoyed our wedding. It was a wonderful day enjoyed by many and we have Scott Payne to thank for making our day so special. - Kara Morrison - Houston, Texas

Minister, Best man, best friend

Scott and I have known each other since 1973. He is the best friend I have ever had. When I finally met the woman of my dreams, I had no one else in mind but Scott to marry us. What a honor to be married buy someone as wonderful as him. He has a genuine love and care for everyone. You couldn't find a better person to get married by. When my Mother fell ill she requested to us that Scott do her eulogy. He has been there for me in my happiest of times and saddest. He comforted our family beyond belief. Jim & Gloria C.

Simply Fabulous!

Scott united us in marriage in February of 2006. We just wanted a simple, no frills ceremony with our union as the most important detail. Not only did we get very memorable vows, which he picked out just for us after sitting and getting to know us, but he also provided a personal serenade afterward that was just beautiful! He opened his own property to us to use as a beautiful backdrop to our ceremony and also made sure there were plenty of pictures so we could remember our day! There aren't enough stars on here for a true rating of our experience. He took our ceremony from just three people standing before God to a really nice experience. Music - GREAT, Ceremony - GREAT, Photography - GREAT! Scott is a very caring minister who goes the extra mile to make your day as special as it should be no matter how simple or elaborate you want it to be. Larry & Angela W.

At the last minute...... On December 2 ,2007, Steve and I decided that we would be married the following Saturday, December 8. Since Scott had married, I don't know how many of my family members and others, I decided to contact him to see if he could accomodate a wedding that was less than a week away. He said we could make it happen! Then Steve fell ill on that Wednesday and ended up in the hospital. We thought he would be out by Friday, but on Friday we found out that it would be Sunday, at the earliest, so I called everyone to put the wedding on hold. I called Scott and he asked, that if Steve did get out on Sunday, would we want to do it then. Knowing that Scott is a minister and his Sundays are usually very busy, I did not want to commit, but he told me to let him know anyway. Sunday morning came and we were told that Steve could go home around noon. I called Scott to let him know and he said "How about 4:00 o'clock?" Steve said yes and so we all got it in gear. We called the guests, checked Steve out of the hospital, my best friend, Kellie, brought BBQ, Steve's mother brought a cake and flowers, my family got there so my Dad could "walk me down the aisle" (from the bedroom to the living room of Steve's house), Mom brought the something borrowed, something blue, Scott rearranged the furniture to seat the guests and sang a song for us to start the wedding and we had the most intimate ceremony there in the living room. Steve was very weak and I was very tired, but we did it and only 1 day later than we planned. Everything that looked so impossible, was possible because Scott cared enough to make it work for us. He is very talented and dedicated to his work, whether it be in his service to the Lord or his clients. We would recommend him anytime! Steve & Donna Palousek

Amazing Ceremony

Our wedding was in 1998 and Scott officiated the wedding - however, he did more then just marry us. He was a great help in keeping us calm so we could really enjoy the ceremony. He was funny too ! Our guest really enjoyed the ceremony and the humor he brought and it was such a calming affect. One of the things that still gets talked about today (12 years later) from our guests - is that the DJ couldn't find the song we were supposed to walk down the isle to after we married - so after a brief moment, Scott told us to start walking and he starting singing (no music) and it was so amazing!! Our guests and us were so impressed!! It was totally unplanned and with his good voice and quick thinking it was better then what we had even planned. Again folks still talk about it to this day ! The other thing that made that moment special was it is a song that my Grandmother and I love and it's a song that is special to the both of us - she had even requested that that be played at our wedding (without Scott even knowing that). Again making it so much better then what we had planned. Thanks Scott so much for a memorable day!! Missy H.

The word is Flexibility!

Once we decided to get married, we did not wait much, so we had a fast approaching date. The Knot Tyer was accommodating and worked with our schedule. We are glad he was there since our wedding was a little unusual and he filled a role of managing our guests as needed, so the word is flexibility. Everything went great and I heard good comments from our guest about The Knot Tyer.

Wedding On A Windy Day

In 1997 Scott married my husband and I on a very beautiful but windy day, setting was in the blue bonnets with a lake as the back ground, he was instrumental in keeping the ceremony on time and giving our vows to us was quite a feat on such a windy day, he helped us with the words considering how nervous I was. I would recommend Scott to be the officiant to anyone who is looking for a professional who can also make you feel at ease on what can be a very stressful day. Debbie R Heffington

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