Helpful Hints

1. Make sure you go to the county clerk's office and get your marriage license at least 72 hours before the wedding.

2. It is best that I am given the wedding license before the wedding begins so it is not forgotten this way the marriage license will get signed and sent out in time.

3. It would be a good idea to have the ring bearer to carry "dummy" rings on the pillow. If they fall off the pillow everyone will be looking for the rings.

4. The groom and bride should kiss long enough for the photographer to get a good picture.

5. I will always have a "back up" minister to perform the wedding in case of an emergency. I have never had to call on my "back-ups".

6. When the ceremony starts, do not worry about what you will say or do, I will walk you both through every part of the ceremony. Enjoy this very special moment when you both become united as one! I promise to help you both feel as relaxed as possible.

7. Poems, personal words, songs, etc. should be written down on paper so you can retrieve your special selection and not leave out any meaningful words of love. "Mental blocks" can occur during weddings, so you will want to have a back up. You may not need it but you will feel much more secure having the notes.

8. It is very possible and almost probable something will not workout quite the way you both wanted during the ceremony. (example: the ring bearer runs off, etc.) Try to not stress over these things...that's just another memory and later, if not right then, you can laugh about it. What matters above all things and above everybody else, is that you both are getting MARRIED!! Let the Joy flow!!! That's what you will remember more than anything else!

9. Remember most of all, the words spoken, the look of love in each others eyes, and your first kiss as husband and wife! Everything else in comparison is just details. :)

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